Calgary Catholic School District, Board of Trustees February Update

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Faith Formation

The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees works closely with the chief superintendent and his team to set priorities to best meet our students’ needs. These priorities are the lenses through which the board focuses its efforts. We strive to ensure that every student receives support to reach their potential and to be healthy, successful learners in faith-filled spaces.

Our four priorities are:

  • Faith Formation
  • Student Success
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Success
  • Student Wellness

As a Board, we are grateful for the tireless efforts and dedication to student success undertaken by CCSD staff and we continue to see strong, academic results from our students.

Our priority of faith formation focuses on our Catholic faith and how it is central to everything we do. In fact, the Board even has an Accountability Report on Faith Leadership which is made public. This report provides evidence for consideration to fulfill the Board accountability requirements relative to faith formation and leadership both at the operational and the Board level. Our annual theme also helps us reflect on our shared faith and guides us in prayer.

Additionally, the Board of Trustees works hard to cultivate strong relationships between the Board, our families, parishes, and the Diocese of Calgary. We schedule meetings with Bishop McGrattan several times throughout the year to help strengthen the relationship between the Bishop and the Board, identify issues of mutual concern, and identify opportunities to support student success within a faith-based institution.

To keep serving our communities with our unique faith-filled environments, we need to continue to advocate for Catholic education and for infrastructure funds to build schools in the communities they are needed most.

We continue to support GrACE (Grateful Advocates of Catholic Education), the province-wide organization of stakeholders who support and advocate for publicly funded Catholic education. Its membership includes religious orders, Alberta’s diocese, Alberta’s Catholic school boards, the Knights of Columbus, and the Catholic Women’s League, among other stakeholders. Currently, Trustees Rath, Iovinelli, and D’Souza represent the CCSD Board of Trustees on GrACE. To learn more about GrACE, visit