Brentwood Elementary School – October

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Written by Alanna Nazarko, Brentwood School Council Co-Chair

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff and students of Brentwood School!

We would like to say a warm welcome back to our Brentwood community grandparents who volunteer every Thursday in our school. The support you offer our teachers and students is very appreciated—thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We will be having our Photo Day on October 22nd and the Alien Inline Skating program will begin on the 29th. You may see additional cars as we require parent volunteers to help the children with this fun activity. Our students will also be looking forward to celebrating Halloween, with our annual Pumpkinella event on October 31st. This is a much-loved tradition where students are encouraged to bring a carved pumpkin to be displayed in the gym for everyone to see. Even our teachers get in on the festivities with a pumpkin carving contest. As always it will be a “Spooktacular” event and one Brentwood School looks forward to each year!

We are selling the ADmazing Savings coupon books once again this year for $25 each. This fundraising effort is to support our classroom libraries. There are some great coupons to save your family money on shopping, dining and so much more! Feel free to come to the school and purchase your ADmazing Savings book from our office staff. Thank you for supporting our school.

If you have any questions about our school, please visit our website ( or call the school at 403-777-6130.