Crescent Heights’ October Message from the President

Presidents Message Crescent Heights

by Kirsty Blair

Dear Crescent Heights Residents,

I hope the fall is treating you all well.

I have noticed that our city and neighborhood often come alive over the summer and then go back to sleep over fall and winter however this year feels different. We have welcomed one of the original Center Street Lions to a new home in Rotary Park, we continue to work on the project to bring murals to Center Street, and we will have the City painting the pavement in our neighborhood with stencils that encourage play and physical activity.

As an association, we are working on a number of initiatives that we hope will help us to better connect with you and to activate our community hall: we are beginning a process of refreshing our brand and communications strategy, we are finalizing our policy to enable discounted or volunteer exchange hours for hall use for events that are free and open to our whole community, and we are creating opportunities for the City to engage with you about major developments in our neighborhood. In addition, we are planning to host quarterly Idea Labs or opportunities for us to come together as a community to discuss and learn from one another. If you have an idea for a conversation or seminar that you would like to host, please let us know.

As I write these president’s messages every month I am thinking about all the people that need to be recognized and thanked for their incredible efforts in the service of our neighborhood. This month I want to recognize: Richard Lee-Thai for his flexibility and exemplary work connecting with the residents of our neighborhood to build a wonderful and unique asset map, Shawna Wagner for using her time and talent to contribute in the role of major projects liaison with the City, Iryna Leonova for harnessing her incredible HR and organizational skills to support and coordinate our volunteers, and the infamous Wayne from Rosedale, aka Bluff steward and invasive species superhero, who I have witnessed on numerous occasions taking care of all corners of our beloved Bluff.

Hopefully we can continue this community energy and momentum into the winter months.