Hillhurst-Sunnyside November Community Planning and Development


A new condo redevelopment project has been proposed on the north side of 5 Ave between 10 and 11 Streets. Residents can learn more and provide input at one of two developer-hosted engagement events:

  • Pop-up booth at the HSCA Farmers’ Market on Wed Oct 24 from 3-7pm
  • Drop-in style open house on Saturday Nov 10 from 10am to 5pm at the HSCA

Please bookmark the developer’s website at fiveeleven.ca to keep up to date on this proposal.

1116, 1122, 1124 & 1128 5 Avenue NW

Hive Developments will be presenting a proposed development at the above address between 10 & 11 St NW in Hillhurst at our October meeting. Residents can expect to participate in community engagement events hosted by the applicant in the near future. Please bookmark the developer’s website at fiveeleven.ca to keep up to date on this proposal.

The north side of 5 Ave between 10 and 11A St already carries the ARP Land Use Designation (zoning) which allows for street-oriented, Medium-Density Mid-rise development at a height of 20 metres (~6 storeys) and a Floor Area Ratio of 4.0. Because this parcel does not include a corner parcel, the developer may not apply for a 26m maximum height (as with the 8-storey Ezra on Riley condos at 1234 5 Ave NW). New development should also pay attention to the ARP design guidelines.

RBC Site on 10th Street NW (DP2018-4579)

This site has the highest allowable height/density in the ARP at 32m / 5.0 FAR. IBI Group and Graywood Developments presented their vision at the Sept HSPC meeting before their formal application:

  • Initial renderings show a 10-storey building with a top floor residents’ amenity space and commercial/retail on the main floor.
  • The building materials are a light-coloured brick, floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies for the condo suites (114 units).
  • Plans for the pedestrian interface included seating space and planters on the north corner of Gladstone and 10th St.

We are expecting to see the Development Permit soon – residents may contact or visit the front office Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm to view and comment on the plans once available.

Traffic and Mobility

Residents often contact HSCA with concerns about traffic speed and volume and perceived impacts on safety. Safety for all road users remains high on our priority list; our volunteer group met earlier last month to discuss community efforts to-date and steps to move forward. A community-wide traffic study for Hillhurst Sunnyside is needed to find comprehensive solutions to issues, instead of dealing with issues street by street.

Our group is currently working on creating an e-petition for the City Transportation Traffic Study request and will provide an online link for residents to sign once ready. We are also looking for volunteers to help circulate the petition and door-knock for signatures once it goes live. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in taking a street or two in your area.

As of late Sept, Council has directed City Administration to investigate a Calgary-wide lower speed limit on residential streets and report back by 2019. The initial 30 km/h motion was pitched as to increase safety and survival rates of pedestrians and has since been amended to a 40 km/h as a compromise. This amended motion also explores short-, medium-, and long-term traffic calming, roadway redesign and safety improvements for priority streets and intersections.

Learn more and get involved

  • HSPC will meet next on Tuesday November 13, 2018 from 7-9pm at the HSCA Hearth Room. All community residents are welcome. Agendas are posted to www.hsca.ca/meetings a few days before each meeting.
  • Read about current development news, including project updates and public engagement opportunities at hsca-community-planning.mn.com, follow us on social media, or go to developmentmap.calgary.ca.
  • Learn about community planning through the Federation of Calgary Communities’ Partners in Planning Courses. A PIP certificate is recommended for all potential volunteers and curious residents. Sign up for free courses at https://calgarycommunities.com/our-services/urban-planning/education.
  • Connect with Lisa Chong, Community Planning Coordinator at [email protected] or call 403-283-0554 x229.