Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill’s October Message from the President

Presidents Message Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill

With fall in full swing I hope you have had time to take some ‘crunchy leaf’ walks in a warm sweater and are looking forward to Halloween.

First let me remind you of a couple of community events.

Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill Community Association Annual General Meeting

We will be holding our annual general meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday November 21st, 2018 at the Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill Community Centre – 1922 14 Ave NW.

Please plan to attend. The new board will be formed, and you are encouraged to step up to take on a role (read the ‘What’s in it for me’ article in this issue for a few reasons why it’s a good thing to do).

Our board members are a talented and committed group of residents and along with our executive director, we are able to accomplish a lot. Please join us!

Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill 65th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday November 24th – 65th Community Anniversary Celebration

Location – Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill Community Centre – 1922 14 Ave NW

Please send any stories and pictures you may have to [email protected].

For more details check out our website! http://www.hh-bh.ca/events/65-anniversary-celebration/

As a community we continue to face issues that impact the well-being of our residents, and as a board we are continuing to bring you information and work to best support the community. Please do attend the board meetings where you can get more information and of course watch the web site, http://www.hh-bh.ca/, for updates.

Sears Plume:

As of the writing of this, we have not heard the outcome of the mediation session scheduled September 11th, 2018, in Calgary. We have also not had any contact with the community member group, the Hounsfield Heights Landowners Group (HHLG).

Please continue to monitor the website for the latest information as we post what is sent to us to keep you as up to date as possible.

Sears has also set up a website for official Environmental Order communications to residents, https://searscanadaepo.sears.ca/.

Louise Riley Library Development:

There have been no updates on this, however, we expect more information once the municipal budget has been approved sometime in November.

Louise Riley Library Fire Engine/Children’s Program:

The board met with library representatives and reviewed the plans for the placement of the temporary structure to house the vehicle and program. The discussion focused on the placement of the temporary structure and its parking, security and safety implications. We are waiting to see the final development permit to ensure our concerns were addressed.

Alberta Health Services Development on the ADDAC property:

The Alberta Health Services held their first information session on August 23rd. It was fully attended, and we are expecting further engagement, please watch our website, http://www.hh-bh.ca/, for dates and further information.

Please remember your attendance is always welcome at the Board meetings, which are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from September through June at the HH-BH Community Hall at 1922 – 14 Avenue NW. Attending these meetings is a great way to stay up to date on what is happening and to ensure your ideas and concerns are heard and incorporated into the management of the community association. To include an item on the agenda please contact [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.