Message from the Kincora Residents Association (KRA)

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(Message brought to you from the Kincora Residents Association via the Kincora Community Assocaition.)

The annual general meeting for the Kincora Resident’s Association is Sept 17th at the Symons Valley Church at 7:00 pm. This is your opportunity to see how your homeowner fees are being spent and to discuss any concerns or ideas that you may have for our community.

What is a HOA?

The KRA is a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) created by the developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling of homes and lots in residential areas. This adds value to the community and properties through the development, enhancement and maintenance of the area amenities.

The Kincora Residents Association (HOA) should not be confused with the Community Association which is a completely separate group that organizes events/social activities in Kincora.


It is a condition of purchase; a buyer is not given an option to opt out. Annual Fees are billed to each owner every year and must be paid.

Each property within the Residents Association has a Restrictive Covenant, Encumbrance on title that requires the owner to:

  • Pay their annual fees for the Home Owner / Residents Association
  • Adhere to the Architectural Guidelines
  • Ensure their specific property has the HOA / Resident Association dues paid up to date, as any outstanding balance that remains, becomes the responsibility of the new owner.

Currently the Kincora Residents Association has over $160,000 in unpaid fees. A number of these overdue accounts have been submitted to legal for collection. The penalties, fees and legal court filing costs that these delinquent accounts will incur are substantial and it is highly recommended you make sure your fees are paid in full or make the necessary payment arrangements through the KRA Management Company, C-ERA.

For more information on your account, please contact Gail Byman: 587-293-1632 or by email to [email protected]

Kincora Residents Association