Deer Ridge Message From the Board – September

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Movie in Yellow Slide Park

Thank you to the many local businesses who helped make this year’s Movie in Yellow Slide Park a success!

Remember to buy your goods and services from them as they all support the community by participating with sponsorships in our events.


Thank-you to volunteers Bob, Gertrud, Micheal, Eliane, Christopher, Karen S., Bridget, Karen G., Callum, Fiona, Cory, Gustavo, Alana, Roy, Lanis, CJ, Breckin, and Linda for your enthusiastic help at the Movie in Yellow Slide Park event! It wouldn’t happen without you!


Membership Drive

The Membership Drive for 2018-August 2019 has already begun. Every house in the community will get a form dropped off at the door or home mailbox. Please show your community support by purchasing your membership on at or filling out the form in this newsletter and mailing in your payment.


Present your current membership card to receive discounts from the following local businesses:

  • Around The Bend – 10% off purchase.
  • Cornerstone Music Café – 10% off purchase.
  • Darrin The Cleaner – 10% off services.
  • Deer Point Alterations & Repairs – 10% off alterations and repairs $100.00 and over.


Board Meetings

The September board meeting is Sept 18, 2018 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Trico Centre. Please visit for additional details.

Are you interested in being a volunteer board member? Positions are open for Director at Large. You are welcome to attend any of our board meetings or contact us to express your interest.


Welcome Back to School

Summer break is over, and children have returned to school. Whether walking, cycling, or driving, please be extra mindful around crosswalks, bus stops, and school zones.


New Pathway

The community gardens are looking great and the new pathway to the gardens/rinks makes access so much easier. Pathway can be accessed along Deermont Way SE.

Special thanks to Kevin Cardiff and Paul Hiebert, Volker Stevin team for all your efforts installing the pathway! Thank-you to Alana Somers, Deer Ridge 2VP, for taking the reins on this project from start to finish and all the steps in-between! We are grateful to the City of Calgary for this addition to the community space.


Thank-you for your support and see you around the neighbourhood!