Renfrew President’s Message – September

Presidents Message Renfrew

What’s NOT Happening at the Renfrew Community Association


The RCA Hall last underwent major renovations in the 80’s and is in desperate need of an overall plan for renovations and updating. The Tiny Tots trailer which was renovated in 2011 to give them a wonderful space to host their programming is going to need some upkeep. However, this director position remains vacant and we continue to be reactionary to issues that arise rather than having a solid plan. We have leaks, missing ceiling boards, electrical issues, and ‘handyman’ repair jobs that need to be addressed.


This important role is currently vacant. We have a bookkeeper who helps us out and other Board members have stepped up to take on various parts of the process. We are definitely managing but any time a director takes to fulfill the role of a different portfolio is time taken away from the portfolio to which you elected them!

Transportation and Mobility

This director position is currently vacant. What does that mean? Any transportation, mobility and related safety issues are being responded to piecemeal. Planning Committee members may be willing to help with specific projects (e.g. off-peak parking on Edmonton Trail); however, transportation and mobility items need to go through the Board and there are no short-term or long-term goals in place.


This director position is currently vacant. Luckily, we have a member who continues as editor for the newsletter. However, again, there is no short-term or long-term planning taking place and the Board is responding to communication issues and questions as one-offs. There are several Board members trying their best to keep our social media channels relevant and active so the Community has plenty of notice of events taking place.

Fundraising and Programming

While the City of Calgary and AGLC (through the casino program) provide some funding to the RCA, the bulk of that is used for building maintenance and utilities. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more programming and services within the Community? The RCA’s vision is to celebrate and facilitate a welcoming neighbourhood by actively engaging our residents to create a vibrant community. And our mission is to build community by hosting and promoting programs and services intended to connect neighbours and nurture involvement in our community. We are lucky to have some solid programming headed by some committed volunteers, but without more people stepping forward to help, it is difficult to implement new and exciting ideas! Board members are stretched pretty thin just maintaining what we have, and we wish we could do more for the Community!

What can you do?

We need you! Are you able to dedicate some time and energy to the RCA, your neighbours and your community? Maybe you have the time to take on a director position, or maybe you only have time to help with a specific project or program? Maybe you enjoyed Stampede Day so much this year, you want to help plan next year! Maybe you want to get into project management and could use some experience, help us coordinate and plan our Hall upkeep projects for the fall! Maybe your kids are coming into Jelly Bean Dance age and can’t wait to work on their dance moves, help run the Jelly Bean Dances! Maybe you want to help shape the community’s area redevelopment plan, join the Planning Committee! There are so many other ways you can volunteer for our wonderful Community! We would love to hear from you as to your interests, skills and ideas! Please feel free to speak to or email any Board Director or your RCA President Mikki at [email protected]!


What IS Happening at the Renfrew Community Association

Sep 7      Friday Night Social Room reopens

Sep 8      Open House & Tiny Tots Registration

Sep 9      Community Garden Edible Tree Forest Party

Sep 14    Jelly Bean Dance Homecoming

Sep 25    General Meeting

Sep 26    Planning Committee meeting

Oct 19    Jelly Bean Dance Halloween

Oct 26    Halloween Family Pub Night

Oct 27    Adult Pub Night (yes Saturday!)