Diamond Cove’s October Message from the President

Presidents Message Queensland Diamond Cove

Dear Diamond Cove residents,

I do hope this writing finds everyone doing well and enjoying what remains of our summer months. I have personally enjoyed this year’s summer versus last as it has been nice to have the warm days but also the added moisture from our thundershowers in the evenings.

By the time this article arrives in your mailbox it will be early October and we will be heading towards fall. We will be finished our annual parade of garage sales on September 8th. On that note I would like to personally thank Dorothea Sautter from Royal Lepage realty for her commitment and sponsorship to our community for our garage sale day. I was a bit late connecting with her this year but next year should be better. She has worked with many of our other communities in the area in this capacity and I look forward to her continued support.

I have noticed a fair bit of home renovation and landscaping projects in our community this year by various residents. It is always nice to see this type of activity and the resulting improvements that transpire. These are always costly endeavours filled with much decision making.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts from our landscaping and maintenance crews from McKenzie Towne. This is their first year in our community and I feel they have been doing a tremendous job in all facets. They have been very responsive to any of my requests both at the management and front-line level. I have heard many residents have been complimenting them on their efforts and it does go a long way.

I will sign off for now and have more communication this fall on other items impactful to our community. As always, I can be contacted at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Jerry McLellan