Glamorgan Greats: Note to Readers


To all my neighbours:

It has been five years since I started writing a column about Glamorgan residents. During that time, nearly 50 great people have been profiled – thank you to them for allowing me to enter their lives for a brief time. And thank you to the guest writers over the years – June Rogers, an anonymous couple, and, most recently, Christy Nich.

Through writing the “Glamorgan Greats” column, I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful Glamorganites, all of them interesting in their own way. I have been trying to represent the diversity of Glamorgan, profiling people of different ages, genders and backgrounds, some new to the community and some long-time residents.


I am relying on you to provide me with names of neighbours or friends who I could contact for the column. Or maybe you yourself would be willing? No matter how “ordinary” you think your life is, you would be surprised how your story will resonate with many others. Everyone has something of value to contribute.

Are you a closet writer, who has secretly dreamed of having your words put into print? How about taking a turn at writing a profile?

In the meantime, I will continue submitting a column every other month, as time permits, until I start receiving all your great ideas. I would welcome your feedback on what you like and don’t like about this newsletter feature. Thanks in advance for your help.

-Loretta Biasutti, [email protected], 403-249-5945 or drop off your suggestions at the community centre.