Haysboro President’s Message – October


As we enter fall and contemplate the days of summer gone with gratitude, I am reminded that change isn’t easy for everyone and often comes with apprehension mixed with excitement. I think of my own children and the contrasting highs and lows that come with back to school emotions. New routines, differing expectations behaviour; an opportunity to grow, adapt, meet others, learn empathy, learn leadership, problem solve, fail.

Change comes from situations outside your comfort zone and letting go of the things you can’t control; adaption is controlling your behaviour in response to change. For me these are my truths. In a world continually in flux I can be more like my children, embracing opportunity, being curious, and when that icky uncomfortable situation (ew what is that veggie?) hits my plate, I can dive in, take a bite, and know I have the choice to walk away or eat more if it appeals to me. That’s the thing with veggies and choices in life, there aren’t many bad ones out there. So, as we respect each other’s food preferences so should we be open to change and new experiences and try out the change that comes our way. I mean who even ate Kale five year ago, and now a good lot of us do.

Bad analogies aside, what I’m getting at is that we’re a city in change; a community of change. Growth and adaptation doesn’t require that we all convert our behaviours and start using bike lanes or getting a secondary suite, but it does require that we allow choice to those who travel that path. I’m asking us to value neighbourliness – which means we champion each other, lend a helping hand, and embrace our differences. Western hospitality, entrepreneurial spirit, leaders and innovators – this is our Calgary and our daily actions give us these monikers. Let’s all be change makers and embrace our growth.