Killarney-Glengarry Letter From the President – November


Lots to reflect on this month, but even more to look forward to! We have new directors on the board with some exciting initiatives bubbling in the Community and the City.

Locally, did you know we have a Legion? They operate out of the community centre and put on a great indoor, family-friendly service on Remembrance Day at the hall. Come early as it is a full house every year.

The pop-up rink beside the hall is now within our lease so we are working on a project to upgrade to a sport pad and improve the “hub.” Stay tuned to have your say on the design this fall. Get in touch if you want to get involved in this or other facility projects.

“Can’t you feel it? The spirit surrounds you!

Don’t you feel it? And now that it’s found in you

Won’t you feel it? The feelin’s everywhere

Can’t you feel it here…” – David Foster

Ponchos, teal gloves, Eddie, Jamaica, the Brian’s…1988: a time in life where the Calgary downturn picked up and everyone was filled with community pride and engagement. Who wouldn’t want that again…well, ok, the price tag certainly holds an argument, but whether you feel Calgary should host the 2026 Winter Olympics or not, I hope you get out to vote. It’s a chance for Calgarians to have a voice.

Carolyn Johnson, KGCA President