Imagine a 30km Speed Limit in Crescent Heights


The City of Calgary is evaluating reducing the speed limit in parts of the City to 30 or 40 km/h. This has been done in many countries following comprehensive research. Based on a brief review of the research, the benefits of reduced speed are;

  • fewer vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths;
  • pedestrians, especially children, feel safer;
  • community walkability is enhanced;
  • walking and cycling are encouraged;
  • quicker stopping in winter driving, at pedestrian crosswalks and if emergency vehicles are sighted ahead;
  • fuel usage and vehicle operating costs are reduced and hence pollution.

Studies quantifying deaths from vehicles hitting pedestrians produced these statistics:

At 30 km/h, one out of 10 collisions results in death; at 40 km/h, it is four out of 10 and at 50 km/h it is eight out of 10.

Currently, the standard speed limit on Calgary roads is 50 km/hour unless otherwise posted and in alleys it is 15 km/hour. In schools, playgrounds and some other areas it is 30 km/hour during hours indicated on signs. Most commuter driving is on collector roads so reducing the speed limit in residential areas should have minimal impact on their travel time.

Please think about it. Would you like your residential streets to be 30 km/hour? We expect to hear the City’s proposal in 2019. Before then, we would like to inform the City where we stand as a community on this issue. First, we’ll seek your feedback and then, if warranted, hold a community forum where you can express your opinion.

Please let us know your opinion by emailing [email protected].

Research sources: Monash University Research Centre; The impact of lowered speed limits in urban and metropolitan areas; and a paper authored by researchers from two USA organizations, Health Resources in Action Inc. and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, entitled Community Speed Reduction and Public Health: A technical report (December 2013); also, World Resources Institute.