December at St. Gerard School


St. Gerard is looking forward to a wonderful month of December, celebrating student learning by showcasing the Arts at our annual Christmas Concert, an event of song and story-telling for families to enjoy. This evening will weave together the work of Jeff Stockon, artist and musician, whose residency with all students over the last several weeks will culminate with performances based on stories and poems developed in collaboration with teachers and students. Furthermore, the work of M. Peter, parent volunteer, musician, and leader of our school choir, has been a real blessing to the school in preparing students in song, months of work in full display on December 14. Children of surrounding pre-K programs and preschools are welcome to visit the school in the afternoon at 2pm on December 14 to enjoy the Christmas Concert dress rehearsal and to witness some of what makes St. Gerard a wonderful place of learning for students.

A liturgy on Thursday, December 21, marked the last day of school leading into Christmas holidays. Students and staff are set to return on Monday, January 8, 2018.

Advent is a wonderful time of year, during which we reflect on our lives and broaden our horizons in seeing the bigger picture by inviting Jesus into the fold. Christmas is full of hope and joy as we receive the Lord and open our hearts to possibilities and reasons for celebration in view of everyday occurrences and happenings. Slowing down in reception of all that is Holy and good helps us find peace, however difficult to realize due to the business of our every day. St. Gerard students and staff strive continuously to remember the importance of listening to the heartbeat of the moment, to pray and be connected to God, fostering this relationship that fulfills and rejuvenates the spirit, uniting us in faith.