December – Councillor Peter Demong’s Report


Season’s greetings, Ward 14! This is my first column since the election, and I have been waiting for the opportunity. That’s because I owe you some gratitude. This beautiful Ward—and its amazing people—have supported me practically all of my life. Thank you sincerely for the vote of confidence!

…But I know your trust should not be taken for granted. Those with experience know the campaign trail is only the beginning, and this Council has a heavy work load ahead.

To start we will need to agree on the City’s budget between the time that I write this, and the time that you read it. That’s less than a month.

Fentanyl is a major problem, and Calgary is no exception. We will need to equip Police to handle that situation, and we will also need to re-work many of our bylaws to fit with the legalization of marijuana. We will be on our toes to deal with the changes in governance that the Province hands us. That will mean changes to the MGA, or even a City Charter.

Will there be a new arena in Calgary? Will the City have a role in it? Will there be an Olympic bid for 2026? Or 2030? Or at all? Those questions will be answered in the next four years.

You can also add getting to know McKenzie Lake and Douglasdale in detail to my list of to-dos…

…but I look forward to it! I welcome them to Ward 14! You can always contact me on, by sending an email to [email protected], or by calling 403-268-1653.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and joyful New Year!

Councillor Peter Demong