The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make Trying to Lose Weight, Increase Energy, and Get Fit – And What to Do Instead


We have covered why burning fat, not sugar, for fuel is important. Last month we discussed how weight lifting is the keystone component of exercise. Have you tried moving the weights slowly up and down to a ten count to eliminate momentum and increase the effectiveness of your workout?

This month I will talk about goal setting and implementing new small daily behaviors that achieve the larger dream.

What is your health goal?

Ask yourself why this goal is important. Imagine yourself having achieved this goal. How do you feel and look? What is your energy level? Do you walk taller? Are you proud of your body? Do you feel attractive in your clothes? Can you do the things that are important to you?

Now consider how this person that you have imagined yourself being moves through his or her days. What are the behaviors that created this person? What choices does this individual make around food, movement, stress? What support does this sort of person seek to achieve goals?

Start to act like this person. Be this healthy human that you are becoming!

Will Durant summarizes the ideas of Aristotle as: “We are what repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a HABIT.” Commit to the process of becoming that healthy, fit person, not to the goal. Repeat small, healthy behaviors over and over to achieve your dream. Reward yourself for sticking to the process and have patience for your achievements to arrive. Google healthy habits and add one to your life every week. They may be as simple as drinking a glass of lemon water every morning or taking a deep breath and rolling your shoulders once a day. Just keep adding the behaviors that will create the person that you intend to become.

Good luck on your journey to be a healthy, fit person.