Welcome to my Mountain Home

Mountai Home

Welcome to my Mountain Home

Everyone seems to have their own unique story as to how they ended up in this magical, picturesque, and quaint mountain town nestled in the great Canadian Rockies. Each and every one of them unique and fascinating in their own special way. The ‘how’ is the million-dollar question that locals are curious of newcomers and that visitors marvel in envy over. For most, it seems, was a calculated endeavor that took years of careful planning to piece together, but for some it was a simple stumble. Many running away from life, and many running to begin life.

This place I speak of is like nowhere I’ve ever experienced. Sure, it’s a town with the same regular services as most, the same municipal structure as others, and with stop signs and traffic lights, schools and churches. But if you peel just one layer off this small mountain towns’ onion-like surface, and you come to experience what this place really represents and what this place really stands for, it’s something truly remarkable and a place that you will, I’m certain, come to agree is quite ‘magical’.

The stars aligning and a serendipitous series of events underlie ‘My story’ of how I’ve come to now call this place my Mountain Home. A combination of a relationship gone wrong, an obsession for the mountains, the right work situation, an unsettled heart, a desire for change, and a thirst for adventure are the reasons why I can rest my head here. I had lost my sense of home living in the oil-obsessed Calgary over the years, but now, I know that I’m on to something.

The meaning of Home

The meaning of a ‘home’ is something that I get, I really get. Most Newfoundlander’s (as I am) would know and understand, some would say foolishly, in the unbreakable tie and comfort in attaching themselves to a rocky island that lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Another, I would argue, magical place where connections run deep, people constantly smile and laugh (in spite of the unbelievably crappy weather), strangers are friends, people breath ocean air every day, and just seem to have something figured out in life. It is a place that I am both glad and proud I come from.

For me, it is the people, their stories, and the adventures created in my new home, and bubble-like town that makes it so unbelievably remarkable. This is the first entry into my blog ‘A Mountain Home’ and it will be my take on the unique people, experiences and adventures that I get to observe and be a part of.

My intent is to share my passion for a place that I now get to call home, as uniquely magical and special as my first. Similar to my rocky island, this is a place where people live in the moment, where people breathe mountain air everyday (as delicious as ocean air), where people live to adventure and explore, and a place where folks just seem to have something secretly figured out in life.