Get Out on a Limb, That’s Where the Fruit Is

by Elisabeth Fayt

sasint / Pixabay

I recently attended an inspirational seminar from an Olympic coach on the topic of Mental Toughness. He started off with the question “Do your dreams scare you?” He wasn’t referring to nightmares, rather, the question could have been re-phrased: “How fearless are you? Are you putting yourself out there enough?”

Now I could totally relate to this, having just opened a new business venture and feeling very much on the edge at that moment. As much as my business-woman side has always kicked into gear, pushing all fears out, there I sat feeling the rawness of my choices. This exercise instantly confirmed for me that I was on the right path. I found myself saying “Yes, my dreams scare me, and isn’t it absolutely awesome?” I felt a wave of courage for my new business venture, and a firm belief that success was inevitable!

The overall essence of the message I received that day was that winners have a success mentality that spills over into every part of their lives. Here are a few introspective questions to see how your mentality scores.

  • Are you a finger-pointer or someone who lends a hand?
  • When you’re not playing your A-game, do you slump into “defeat” or do you kick it into A-plus?
  • Do you start your day saying: “Today I’m going to make the world a better place”?
  • Do you focus on fitting in, or do you strive to be “extra-ordinary”?
  • Are you committed some of the time, most of the time, or 365 days of the year?
  • Do you dreams scare you enough? If not, maybe it’s time to review them.
  • When are you going to show the world how good you are?