Good Sport

by Bev Watson


All my life I’ve been very competitive and a little contrary, but that has served me well. I’ve learned there’s really nothing you can’t do or learn if you find out what it takes, then break it down in tiny steps and go for it.

So, my life has been full of all kinds of interesting challenges and adventures. But here I want to talk about cancer and how Wellspring Calgary has helped me.

I had been a triathlete for 15 years when I won the 2013 World Championship Ironman in Hawaii. After that, biking and swimming started getting hard. I kept pushing myself, but something didn’t feel right.

I went to the doctor but tests showed nothing was wrong. I started losing my balance when I was walking or swimming, but I kept training.

I went in to see my dermatologist about another issue and when I told him my symptoms, he said he thought I might have a brain tumour. At his insistence, I went to Rockyview Hospital. They did a CT scan and saw a big dark spot, so they ordered an MRI. They took one look at the results and I was ambulanced to Foothills Hospital.

It took a while to get the diagnosis. Brain tumour – malignant. Metastatic melanoma. I had brain surgery and vigorous treatment. I was told I had months, then weeks to live. That was two years ago, and I’m still here.

I’m here and I still have things to do. I go to Wellspring Calgary several times a week. They have all kinds of programs – free for people with cancer. Everyone is so caring and welcoming there. It doesn’t matter how bad you are at painting, or playing ukulele, you are always encouraged. If you have cancer – find Wellspring – it’s a life-saver!