Glamorgan 2018 Real Estate Trends

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Looking at the above chart we are looking at the numbers from the first quarter. These numbers will help launch us into the second quarter. As it is seen, detached homes are favoured in this community. The sales-to-new listings ratio is slightly low but is picking up some. It would appear that apartment style condos are struggling, and row housing is more popular. The success in sales to new listing for housing in the last quarter are still a struggle but can hopefully pick up as we roll into summer months.
Glamorgan is another one of the inner-city communities with that wonderful touch of charm and quaintness, stemming from the early days of a budding City of Calgary. The beginnings of this family-oriented neighbourhood began construction along 37th and ran outward ending on 45th street in 1956. This newest community would be, in those days, considered the outer reaches of the city as there was still a fairly prominent farming community surrounding it. It seems hard to believe that this was the case, for today this largely sought-after community is now considered “inner-city living”. As the community expanded westward to 50th street, the homes in this area were built as single-family dwellings, housing post-war middle-class families. Most of the houses were built as bungalow and bi-level bungalows with detached garages around 1000-1200 square feet of living space. Mostly three-bedroom, one-bathroom homes. Pretty swanky for those days.
My research on the area tells an interesting tidbit about how it was named. ‘Glamorgan’ was actually named after a Dairy Farm that was located on 37th Street SW, ‘Glamorgan Dairy Farm’. I can’t seem to get over the fact that just a ten-minute drive away from downtown Calgary there were pastures housing cows and a farm for the local milk man to pick up the milk that would serve the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. Sarcee Trail was in fact built at that time but was considered a major highway out of the city. Glamorgan was growing up to be a nice middle-class community in SW Calgary. Its construction was completed in 1959. It was attractive to the middle class working families because of its easy access to downtown, beautiful mountain views and south and west running highways.
The schools that are in the area today are still the original schools that opened up in the late ’50s and early ’60s. Viscount Bennette was built in 1955, a year before the community of Glamorgan was born. I’m not sure if this was planned or not. My father actually was a part one of the first graduating classes at this high school. Viscount Bennett is just now in the works of being shut down due to difficulties in upkeep. Glamorgan Elementary was built in 1958, and A.E Cross Junior High was built in 1960.
Some fun activities are at the end of your fingertips in this community. Mountain View Bowling alley has always been a favorite spot to bowl. I started my not-so-stunning bowling career here. It is fun, and the people have always been inviting, encouraging and friendly. Mountain View Bowling is located in a strip mall off 37th street and Richmond Road. When you are done bowling, you can walk across the parking lot to dine at either Momoyama Sushi Japanese Cuisine or, for those that prefer more pub-style grub, try out Richmond’s Pub and Eatery.
For the morning person, the famous Glamorgan Bakery is also located in the strip mall. This little gem has been a favorite spot since 1977 for some of the best baking in town. People from all around come here to get fresh cinnamon buns, sausage rolls and wonderful, mouthwatering pastries. They go fast, so the earlier the better. There is a fun game called Padel Tennis that has taken rise in Calgary over the last decade. If you are at all interested in trying the sport The Calgary Padel Club is located on 45th Street SW. It is a fun way to bond with others in the community and to stay fit. Down Richmond Road, you will find many grocery stores, gas stations and all kinds of eateries and places to do your weekend puttering. If you continue west on Richmond Road you will run into Westhills, which can take care of almost all of your needs. If you are looking to travel to the mountains, Glamorgan is actually a perfect community to live in as it gives way to easy access to Sarcee Trail that can take you to the Trans-Canada Highway and out of town to the mountains to the west. In a matter of 15 minutes, you can be on your way to Banff National Park.
This community has a rich history and is a great family-oriented neighbourhood. I have spent some time in this neighbourhood as my grandmother lived close by. We spent lots of time at the Bakery, the bowling alley, the butcher shop and some of the playgrounds surrounding the area. Come and have a look at Glamorgan, it may be the place for you to settle.

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