The Importance of Reporting Crime

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Did you know that a substantial amount of crime isn’t reported to police? There are many reasons that people choose not to report a criminal offence. They may feel that it is too minor in nature or that nothing can or will be done. They may feel that it’s not worth the time or effort or that police have more important things to do.

The Calgary Police Service pays close attention to reported crime statistics within communities and across areas of the city. In fact, statistical analysis can be a driving force behind how our Service chooses where and how to deploy resources. Analysis of reported crime allows police to identify ‘hot spots’ of activity and also helps to measure and pinpoint emerging crime trends. A lack of accurate data makes identification of these locations difficult and unreliable. So-called ‘minor’ crimes such as car-prowling (theft from vehicles), vandalism and other property related crime can be an indicator of a larger problem in a community. An increase in these types of crimes can indicate that an offender has moved into an area, that additional police resources are needed, or that something else has changed within the community. Becoming aware of each of these factors is important for police to move forward in addressing community concerns.

How to report a non-emergency crime

The emergence of technology has made crime reporting much easier and faster and allows police to obtain an up-to- date glimpse of what is going on in the community.

  • Online –
  • By phone – 403-266- 1234 (police non-emergency line)
  • Walk-in to your local District office

If there is an ongoing situation within your community, you also have the option of contacting your area Community Resource Officer (CRO) through your local District office to make them aware.

How else can you help?

  • Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to report crime or suspicious activity within your community.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If something or someone seems out of place, there is likely a good reason for this. Report any suspicious behaviour to the police.
  • Lock it up! Don’t provide offenders with any opportunity – secure your vehicle, garage and home including closing windows when you are away and at night.