Cannabis Stores in Ward 1


Canada is legalizing cannabis by October 17, 2018.

I have received input from some constituents concerned with the location of potential cannabis shops in their community. Residents have expressed concerns about traffic, parking, and proximity to potential school sites, and child care centres.

Cannabis stores will be highly regulated and controlled by The City of Calgary. Please note that minors are not allowed in cannabis stores, even if accompanied by an adult.

Do I have authority over the location of a cannabis store?

If residents object to a proposed location of a cannabis store, an appeal against a potential affirmative decision on the Development Permit application may be made within 21 days after the Public Notice advertisement. The final approval decision of a location of a cannabis store is made by the Development Authority, not the Councillors. For questions concerning the appeal process, please contact the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board at 403-268-5312; or email [email protected].

What is my position on Canada legalizing marijuana?

I understand how some residents are apprehensive toward something new and what was previously illegal. As a Councillor, I rely on expert evidence. There is no empirical data presented that clearly demonstrates increased crime, drug use, or corruption of youth in the proximity of cannabis stores.

I can appreciate that certain locations are more appropriate for cannabis stores than others. For example, if a store was approved near a possible school site, it would automatically be forced to relocate if a school was subsequently approved and built.

What next?

I will continue to support and work with concerned community residents and community association boards who think a cannabis shop location is inappropriate or unsuitable. My actions will be guided by the democratic process and the experts in law who have crafted the Bylaw guidelines that regulate and oversee cannabis store applications and approvals.

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