Cannabis Will Be Legal on October 17th: What Does That Mean for Calgarians?


This month, recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada for the first time. However, like alcohol or tobacco, its legal status still comes with rules and regulations, including where it may be consumed. Here is what Calgarians need to know:

Under Calgary’s Cannabis Consumption Bylaw, cannabis may be consumed on private property. Keep in mind that “edibles” or cannabis-infused foods have not yet been approved for sale by the federal government. It is illegal to consume non-medical cannabis in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles) in public places, except for designated cannabis consumption areas. At the time of this writing, no designated cannabis consumption areas have been confirmed. As Council designates them, their locations will be available on I’m not supportive of designated cannabis areas due to their potential of concentrating cannabis smokers in a small space like portion of a park, which could negatively affect non-cannabis users.

Medical cannabis may be smoked or vaped in the same public places that are allowed under the Smoking and Vaping Bylaw. See for details.

You’ve probably seen the Cannabis Store Locations Map which shows an updated status of cannabis store applications. They range from “released” to “refused” and “under review”. You can view the map at the link below and learn more about operating cannabis businesses in Calgary:

For provincial rules including minimum age, online sales and possession limits you can visit:

For federal matters including public health, medical cannabis and criminal offences, please visit: