Legislature, Receiving Your Feedback, School Lunch Program

Calgary Acadia

The Legislature is now back in session for the last time in 2018, which means that I am working hard to bring the suggestions my office heard at the doors over the last few months to Edmonton. What with the enumeration for the next Provincial Election, this also means you have had a lot of people on your doorstep recently. It is critical that all Albertans are a part of the civic process at both levels—registering to vote and voting in elections is only half the battle—the other half comes between elections, when you let your MLA know which pieces of their work you support, and which pieces need a bit more thought. I want to thank all of you for the information you have been willing to share with me and my staff. Unless we know what you want to see, we can’t make the changes we need to broaden our economy and build resiliency into our neighbourhoods.

One of the pieces of resiliency I am most proud of is the expansion of the school lunch program. This fall, Alberta was able to substantially increase the number of students who were being fed—ensuring they are able to fully participate in their part of the civic process, which is to learn as much as possible to become strong partners in our economic future. We heard from teachers around the province that decreasing class size was helpful, but only if the students were able to concentrate on the material. Just like the rest of Alberta, our students need fuel to keep them going, and I am proud to say that they now have it.

I will always encourage you to reach out, and now we have a new tool! We have heard from the community that many of you want to receive more regular updates in between this newsletter—please send an email to [email protected] to receive these going forward, or call us at the office at 403-640-1363