Triwood’s October Report from the Executive Director


I would like to inform the resident’s of Triwood that I am leaving my position of Executive Director at Triwood to pursue other endeavors. It has been a pleasure serving the great people of Triwood and I am going to miss it terribly. A special thank you to my amazing staff of past and present that made it a delight to come to work each and everyday. They are without a doubt the most professional and passionate group of staff I have worked with over my entire career.

Also, thanks to the Board of Directors who always supported me and let me do my job with confidence. The Board gave me the tools needed to make Triwood a success. I have worked hard operationally to bring Triwood to a level that served this community well but also was financially viable in the process. Triwood is an amazing community and it will always have a special place in my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the last 4 years amazing.

The new Executive Director is Stephan Horbay and I urge you to stop by the office and say hello. Stephan will continue to work diligently to bring Triwood to the next level and I wish him the most success.

Rick Lundy