Fairview’s Flint Park Update


“Bocce and BBQ,” our community engagement event was held on June 2nd, 2018. There was a very positive vibe from community members at the event and a lot of great feedback was provided as to how to revitalize the park space at the South-West end of the Flint Park Dog Park. Once all the feedback was reviewed, there were two park features that were the most popular among attendees: A bicycle pump track, and giant climbing boulders. So these are the priorities to be incorporated into the final design. It is also highly likely that some sort of formal parking (angle or parallel) will be included in the park design to alleviate any concerns that may arise from nearby residents.

The Flint Park committee will soon begin meeting with a Landscape Architect to begin planning a more detailed concept of how the new park should be laid out. The result of our first meetings with the Landscape Architect should be an actual coloured picture of what the finished park will look like, and this drawing will be shared with the rest of the Community at large once it is received.

After the conceptual drawings have been completed and approved, more detailed planning can begin in the New Year, including picking vendors, applying for grants and ordering supplies and equipment. We are going to aim for “shovels in the ground” sometime in the Summer/Fall 2019. As always, if you’d like more information on this ongoing project or you’d like to become involved in the Park Committee please email [email protected]