New Brighton Community Association Wishes You…

NewBrighton cn

… an awesome summer. We will have a summer vacation for July and August, and we will start September trying to bring new members and fresh ideas to our board. Our board has had a stable, extraordinary team for a few years now and we want to fill up all the empty seats around the table for continuity and more manpower (brainpower).

Joining the NBCA board will give you a better idea of how the elected offices work for and with our community and will broaden your administrative and political horizons. Most of us, members of the board, started by having a question that we couldn’t answer ourselves, or a project we wanted done in the community. By joining the board, we got the right information and access to resources to get things done. Sometimes we find this saying overrated, but when joining this volunteering board, you should ask yourself what you can do for the community not what the community can do for you.

New Brighton, have a great summer and see you all in September.

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