Haysboro President’s Message – December


I’ve been reflecting on my past year and recalling my top memories to make sure I intentionally create space and opportunity for similar experiences in 2019. My moments are filled with family, friends, and time spent outdoors; Camping, hiking, gatherings in our community; I feel incredibly blessed. 2018 has also been challenging. I’ve moved through a few jobs over the past year, transitioning out of my own business, to contracting for Beakerhead (an inspiring opportunity), to currently on the hunt for the next position which will continue to help me grow, learn, and serve others. This past year I also spent a lot of time with my grandmother who struggled with her own losses – friends and loved ones, transitioning into a new home, and finding adventure at the age of 90. I’m not sure what it was about 2018 but I can say it’s been one of the most tumultuous years and while it has pushed me to grow in so many ways I’m ready to leave it behind.

In our own neighbourhood, I’ve seen change too this past year. There have been losses, and there have been births – two on the board of directors plus countless more. Our neighbourhood is shifting, and I believe we will soon be having bigger conversations about the future of our community. I’m so thankful we’ve got a board who is looking forward, aiming to be innovative and is ready to have larger conversations about what it means to be a community association in 2019 and beyond. There has been a significant increase in talks around Horton Road developments and our planning committee is working to ensure these changes are benefitting the entire neighbourhood. With the exterior of the hall being renovated, there is a team working to review our rental capacity and the life of look of the inside of our building. This shift in mindset towards a business-focused approach will ideally lets us generate more funds for community building activities and events that foster a sense of belonging in our neighbourhood. I’m so excited for the work we are creating.

As we move into December, reflecting on our past year and come into the season of giving, I want to take a minute to thank everyone for their contributions to our community. When I talk about our neighbourhood to others and the sense of pride we share, it is not lost that perhaps Haysboro is really this gem tucked away in SW Calgary. How we treat each other, help each other, and spend time giving back to our community shows. I realize the asks are great this time of year, so instead, I’m asking you to think about 2019 and how you spend your time in our neighbourhood. Let’s keep up the positivity and not get drowned out by the challenges. Let’s lead with a desire to learn and listen.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season, may the light of the world shine into your hearts.