Development and Traffic in Rutland Park for October


by Leanne Ellis, VP Development and Traffic, [email protected]

I would just like to highlight what has been happening/going on behind the scenes this past month, in no particular order:

  1. Thank you to everyone who supported our Art Fundraiser for community garden space at Knox! We raised $365 to support their efforts.
  2. I have yet to hear back from Councillor Woolley’s office with regards to what is being proposed for Richmond Green. I have followed up with them and hopefully should have some more information by the time the next Post is published.
  3. A number of residents are concerned about the house which is boarded up on Sarcee Road. I have put in several requests through 311 asking the City to address the abandoned property via the Community Standards Bylaw. At this point in time, there is nothing the City can do if the house is secured. I have contacted Councillor Woolley’s office to see if they have any way of addressing the issue.
  4. There has not been much in the way of development requests for Rutland Park over the summer, but Currie is looking at adding row housing along Dieppe, so we will likely see some construction during the fall.

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