What is the Best Diet for Lasting Transformation?

by Kelly Newman

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godakupryte / Pixabay

As a personal trainer, this is the question that I am asked the most. I always smile when I hear this question, because it opens the door for a much larger and more important conversation. Most women struggle to accept their bodies. It has been reported that 97% of women have an “I hate my body moment,” every single day. At any given moment, there are millions of people dieting, 85% female. And of the women dieting, most are dieting 4-5 times per year. This has resulted in millions of people spending billions of dollars, searching and paying for something that works. There are literally hundreds of weight loss products, programs and options out there, and yet obesity rates are on the rise. Why is this? What is underneath this desire to lose weight?

Do people want to weigh less? Yes of course. But, deep down I believe what people are really searching for by investing over 60 billion dollars per year, is not merely weight loss, but a way to feel better. People are searching for a way to feel happier, more peaceful, and to have more energy. It is predicted by the year 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disability. The transformation that most people are seeking has more to do with the way they feel on the inside and less to do with the weight of their body. And there is only one diet that changes how we feel on the inside.

It is what I call the “no blame, zero criticism” diet. The first thing we need to change if we wish to feel better within our lives is the way the way we talk to ourselves. Nope, it’s not food-related, it’s not sexy, and it is very far from magic pill thinking. It is something that most of us will not be able to do for more than 5 minutes. Try it, I dare you. It’s so hard. For most women, our inner critic is always speaking. I am not good enough, I am not thin enough, I am not smart enough, and I am not strong enough. And this is the voice we are listening to.

The fastest way to feel better about your body is to shift your focus from “not good enough” to “appreciation.” Learning to be grateful for what you can do with your body and finding things to appreciate within your current level of health and well-being transforms how you feel. It may take time and practise to allow self-care and self-acceptance to lead your life, but it paves the way for deep, lasting transformation.

“Use your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people say about it. It is the greatest instrument you will ever own.” – Baz Luhrman