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Have you ever banged your elbow and felt that sharp shooting pain down your arm? What did you do? You likely rubbed the area a bit and the pain dissipated. How did this happen?

Joint mobility signals and pain signals travel on different nerve pathways to the brain. Since joint mechanoreceptor signals travel at a much faster rate than pain signals, it becomes possible to reduce the pain you feel by flooding the brain with signals from the muscles and joints. In essence, by rubbing your elbow you flooded your nervous system with stimuli from your joints, distracting the brain from perceiving the pain. Chiropractic spine and extremity adjustments are a safe and effective way to reduce pain in this way.

A side effect of increased spinal joint mobility from chiropractic adjustments is the release of serotonin and norepinephrine, your “happy” hormones that descend down the spinal cord and block pain signals from entering the pain pathways that lead up to the brain.

Sometimes people get stuck in chronic pain loops when pain pathways perpetually signal themselves without any pain stimulus. These cases are complicated to diagnose and treat, however there is hope.

Specific technologies like ARP-wave neuro training can provide hope to chronic pain sufferers. Gentle direct current electrical signals are targeted to muscles and joints at a rate of 500 pulses per second, providing such a high intensity of joint signals to the brain that it becomes possible to stop these perpetuating pain loops and retrain the brain not to perceive pain. The end result is drug free solutions to stop pain that is 100% safe, non-addictive and very effective for increasing strength and reducing chronic pain.

It is possible to not feel pain without inflammation in your body. Since inflammation depletes cellular energy, technologies that can effectively reduce your chronic pain symptoms focus on increasing cellular energy and oxygen.

Time heals all wounds, but technology can help you heal faster.