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Mid-Sun’s July President Message

Hi Everyone,First of all, big huge congratulations to all those in our community who graduated this past year. While the celebrations of this...
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Mid-Sun’s June President’s Message

Hi everyone,The photo above, compliments of our Facility Coordinator Vanessa Bruce, is of the “Hope from Home” fence art in front of the...
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Mid Sun’s May President’s Message

My goodness, how quickly things change.When I wrote the President’s Message for April, the world looked a lot different that it does right...
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Mid-Sun’s April President’s Message

Yahoo, April! That has to mean the end of winter, although I do recall large dumps of snow in April every so often....
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Mid-Sun’s March President’s Message

I tend to get a bit overly exuberant in March thinking that spring is just around the corner. While it is true, the...
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Mid-Sun’s February President’s Message

Hello Everyone!We are now a few weeks into a new decade, getting used to saying 2020, and looking forward to the Family Day...
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Mid-Sun’s January President’s Message

Holy Doodle, it’s 2020! Happy New Year to everyone.A new year feels like a field of just fallen snow, waiting for footprints to...