Supporting Youth in Calgary-South East


Thank you for allowing me to serve as your MLA for Calgary-South East. The Fourth session of the 29th Legislature will commence on October 29th. I look forward to being your voice for issues that matter to you and your family.

We have been hearing from constituents about the need to move along the Auburn Bay Middle School CBE project. I sent a formal letter to the Infrastructure Minister requesting the funding for the completion of that school. I will continue to advocate on parents’ behalf in regard to school priorities. We have been successful in getting several schools for Calgary-South East since I was first elected in 2012, and I will never stop supporting our communities.

At the end of Spring Session, I was honoured to be able to speak about my son in the Legislature and ask questions on behalf of LGBTQ2S youth. Recently I was able to follow up my support for this community by marching in the Pride Parade, attending a Pride Shabbat dinner and attending the Camp fYrefly brunch in support of queer and trans youth. I will continue to stand up for all constituents.

Events and Congratulations

  • Toured Calibre Environmental and learned more about paint recycling
  • Love with Humanity Opening Ceremony for Multicultural Mini Library in Mahogany
  • Spoke at Fiesta Filipino
  • Attended Camp fYrefly brunch for queer and trans youth
  • Marched in the Pride Parade
  • Calgary Jewish Pride Shabbat Dinner
  • Participated in the Cochrane Labour Day Parade
  • Congratulations to Larry and Donna Reimond on their 50th wedding anniversary which I was able to attend

Did you know?

  • Our office presents congratulatory scrolls for anniversaries and birthdays. Birthday scrolls are available to constituents celebrating their 65+ birthday, in five-year intervals. Anniversary scrolls are available to constituents celebrating their 25+ anniversary, in five-year intervals.
  • Our office provides free notary service to constituents. Please call to book an appointment.
  • I am available to attend constituency events. Please contact my office to schedule.

If you have any questions, concerns or are in need of assistance, please contact my office at (403) 215-8930 or [email protected]