November’s News from the Sundance Lake Residents Association

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Park Hours

Park/Office hours and available amenities may still be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Check our website at or follow us on Facebook for current hours and park status.

Fall/Winter Activities

  • Cold temperatures in the month of November cause ice to start forming on the lake, watch for “Danger Thin Ice” signs in the park. They will remain up until the lake ice is safe to walk on.
  • The small west facing toboggan hill will open once we have enough snow. The larger hill facing the lake will remain closed until the lake ice is safe to walk on. Signs on when the hills are open for tobogganing can be found at the park entrance and on our website.

Upcoming Events

Please watch for updates on our website and Facebook page.

Rainbow Trout

In the second week of October, we stocked the lake with Rainbow trout. Lake Sundance has increased the annual fishing limit for rainbow trout to 6 per year per household.

Here are some fun facts about Rainbow Trout:

  • Did you know that rainbow trout are members of the salmon family and the biggest rainbow trout caught on record was 25.8 kg (56.8 pounds)
  • A group of Rainbow Trout is called a Hover
  • They have sharp teeth on the roof of their mouth but no teeth on the bottom.
  • Their average lifespan is 4 to 6 years

Upcoming Projects

Waterfront Renovation – The bollards and pergolas have been installed. The landscaping is being prepared for the area to be winterized. Asphalt for connecting the area to the pathway is close to completion. Stay tuned for details on the ribbon cutting for official opening for the space.

Room Rentals

The lower level of the clubhouse has three multi-purpose rooms that are available for members to rent. These rooms are suitable for small meetings, birthday parties, skating parties, etc. The banquet room on the upper level of the clubhouse is available for rent by members and non-members and can accommodate up to 160 people. For rental rates and availability please check our website at or contact our office at 403-256-4728.

Contact Us


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