You Were There


by Cheryl Dunkley

When I think back, you were all there,

We could make an appointment and get good care.

Doctors, dentists, the lab and x-ray,

All were there on any given day.

Plexiglass, full PPE and dozens of masks

Hopefully kept you safe for your many demanding tasks.

Not one grumble or complaint was heard

You were there, good to your word.

Through Phases one, two and three,

911 responded quickly for you and for me.

The hospitals were crazy busy, ICU overflowed.

The nurses, bless their hearts were burdened but unbowed.

Teachers, school staff too,

Rescheduling every week

Kids in the building or at home,

Who ever knew?

A trip to get groceries, the pharmacy, and the bank

Remember to stop at the pumps and fill up the tank.

Essential chores, important issues too

All were there, much gratitude to YOU, YOU and YOU!