10 Natural Ways to Build Vitality

by Kylie Ward, Holistic Practitioner; DCH, CCH, RAhom, Herbalist, BFA

  1. Be Outside. Take at least 20 minutes a day to be outside. Benefits: fresh air (cleans the blood), Sunshine (Vitamin D).
  2. Filter your Tap Water. Water straight from the tap contains stuff that is foreign to the body, which means your body has to filter these things out before the water is deemed available to our cells. Help ease the cleansing weight off your system by filtering as best as you can beforehand.
  3. Eat Organic. Feed our body food that’s free of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Food that has been genetically modified isn’t easily recognized by our body system, resulting in unfriendly by-products during digestion and assimilation. When we eliminate the cause of system strain, the vital force ultimately becomes stronger.
  4. Exercise. Get your blood pumping and activate your sweat glands. Exercise eliminates toxins and balances hormones. Start slow and gentle. Work up to longer sessions of combined cardio and weight resistant activity. Bodies must be moved in order to function properly.
  5. Use Food as vitamins/minerals and stick to what’s in season within your region.
  6. Deep Breathing. Take ten extremely deep breaths when you feel tired, frustrated, sad, hungry, angry, annoyed, emotional, foggy, dizzy, or numb. Oxygen enlivens your blood which enlivens you.
  7. Flex your brain. Research what you want to understand further, investigate opinions opposite yours to gain perspective, journal, paint, play music, read science fiction. Bend your reality even just a bit, it will make space and clear clutter within the mind.
  8. Socialize. Laugh, sing, dance, tell stories, and play games (within your cohort).
  9. Eliminate immunity inhibitors. Replace white sugar with honey or syrup and save gluten for special occasions.
  10. Be self aware. Don’t ignore the gut feeling, it’s your intuition and your instinct.